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Wonderful! I appreciate you! ❤️


Testimonial By: alisha

Thank you so much

Thank you so much. You are awesome.

Testimonial By: Erin

Thank you so much Thank you so much

Dear Marian,

Thank you so much for all your time and consideration.

Your work ethic and enthusiasm make for the best customer service I have ever experienced when ordering on-line.

I will continue to exclusively use your website for me needs and will gladly recommend PDQ Patterns.

Please feel free to forward this email as necessary.

I went to your website and could read all your great reviews, but I am not seeing how to post a review—please advise.

Unfortunately, I do not use social media.

Thanks again, have an awesome day!

Testimonial By: patti

I absolutely LOVE this.

Hi Marian,

I absolutely LOVE this!! I prefer version 2. Please size it to 12 (length) x 10 (width). $10 is perfectly fine with me; please advise how I need to pay you. I will take care of that right away.

Many thanks for your practically instantaneous response to my request...I am extremely impressed with your customer service.

Best regards,

Testimonial By: Mindy

Lightening fast reply Lightening fast reply

Hi Marian!

Thanks so much for your lightening fast reply, as well as your absolutely gorgeous patterns! I finally was able to open 2 of 3. But as you guessed, I ran out of downloads for the 3rd one by the time I figured out what I was doing! Thanks for sending the images via email and I'm happy to say that I have them all now.

I'll be back in touch with you for sure about resizing one of your panel patterns. I have a door with sidelights that I want to make my own stained glass panel for. Each side light has 5 vertical panels. It's an old house so I'm not sure about removing the frame so I can make one continuous panel on each side or if I should make 5 individual smaller panels for each side. If I do the latter, I would still want it to be one continuous image.

Again, thank you so much. Your patterns are not only beautiful but the spiritual message of each is inspiring.


Testimonial By: jg

I love it I love it

I am amazed at your site! I love it! There is a stained glass window in my church that I would love to stitch but don’t know how to go about creating the pattern. I know it would be large and I’m not afraid of that! Do you have software to do it? And If I sent you a picture how would you charge to make a pattern? DM

Testimonial By: DM

I am glad i found your site I am glad i found your site

Marian, I am so glad I found you. I'll be calling you again, MLB

Testimonial By: MLB

Thank you so much Thank you so much



Testimonial By: KC — na

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you! I'm so excited that I found your site!!!

Testimonial By: Debbie Allen

Awesome Awesome

Awesome, thank you so much! I just got it. The fact you answer all emails by hand is amazing and now i really want to order more from you. So many people dont care about quality customer service :) thank you again!

Testimonial By: LN

Custom pet pattern Custom pet pattern

I just took care of the payment. I was expecting 5 times as much for the patterns. Your work is amazing and I can only hope to do the piece justice.
I've found glass at "Anything in Stained Glass" and some Spectrum (for the time being) that will be beautiful in creating the hair.
Patrick wasn't just a pet. My friend is widowed and no children except for her wonderful Tibbies. Patrick was a Westminster Champion and we all miss his little face.

Testimonial By: BMcNeely

Alphabet double up H Alphabet double up H

I purchased the doubled "h" and have just completed it. Love how it turned out. Now my daughter wants one for her house that's why I'm now ordering the "s". Thanks for the great patterns!!!!!

Testimonial By: PH

Abstract Santa

I made this Santa as a gift for my daughter this year. It was a great pattern and it turned out so well. I can't wait to make another for myself!

Testimonial By: Bridget

So excited

I am so excited to see such beautiful designs at such reasonable prices. I can't wait to stitch these out. I'm sure I will be back for many more.

Testimonial By: Nikki

Fantastic pattern Fantastic pattern

Dear Marian,
Our friends now have in their possession the panel I finished that you so skillfully designed.
ABAREMA is now in place at the property in northern NSW Australia and looks absolutely wonderful.
Thank you for all your help and suggestions, I will be back soon to look at a new pattern to start. Regards Jen

Testimonial By: Jen

Thank you

Hi Marian,

Thank you for the files. This is a gorgeous pattern!

Thanks again!

Testimonial By: AM

Thank you

Thank you for answering my question, and again, I really love a lot of your designs. You are very creative and artistic.

Testimonial By: BS

Thank youi

Thank you Marian! Everything looks great!

Testimonial By: SM


Hi Marian

Thanks for your response and I am very excited to have found your site. I am really just starting off on the lead lighting but knowing you are able to customize as well is a bonus too!!

Thanks for your emails and the feebie!!

Best regards,

Testimonial By: SF

Thanks a million

Hi Marian,

Thanks a million for the great job you did, it's exactly what I wanted. I sent $5 to your PayPal account, but the job is worth much more. I have a facebook account, but don't use it much; I'll try to get a "like" for you. Also, I will give your website to all the people from our stained glass group. It's the first place I will be looking for patterns in the future.

Thanks again,

Testimonial By: FD

Minnie Mouse Oval

I just love the classic pose and the easy to comprehend pattern you've made!

Testimonial By: Marian Moore

Mickey & Minnie

Thank you so much for the adorable Mickey and Minnie pattern. I was stressing over what to make my step daughter for Christmas - but as a Disney fan I now have this covered. Can't wait to get started!

Testimonial By: Marian Moore


Just received the patterns I ordered. The service was so fast and the patterns are just as anticipated! Thanks so much!!

Testimonial By: Peggy Bolks


That is beautiful! Thanks again. I'll send a picture when it is done. RB.

Testimonial By: RB

full size patterns

Hi Marian. I really enjoy your newsletters. I live in England [though am an American by birth] and have recently gotten into stained glass. My problem is ..... I can't draw. At all. So I am always looking for full sized (stained glass) patterns that I can make......gv

Testimonial By: gv

love to get your newsletter

I would love to get your newsletter. Do you have an email list? If so, could I please be on it? Thanks for such a wonderful (in)sight!!!! Blessings, dl

Testimonial By: dl

Love My New Address Panel!

Marion did an awesome job for me designing a new address panel! What I had was just plain block lettering in stained glass. This is so much more beautiful than what I had. I have received many compliments on it! Thank you for helping me with your great talent! C. Wilson, Asheboro, NC

Testimonial By: Connie Wilson

Personalizing this

I just wanted to let you know that I did finish the "Dave's Place" panel - in the knick of time too. I figure it took me about 25 hours to complete. I am thrilled with the results. Thanks again for personalizing the pattern for me. See her gallery picture. HERE.

Testimonial By: PamA

Nursery baby feet pattern

Yes I do like it. It is very boyish and will work beautifully. I'll do his name in something dark to stand out. If you want me to pay please let me know . You have been so kind to tweak this pattern for me. I will definitely tell all my stained glass friends about you. Thanks Link to the pattern HERE

Testimonial By: JaneT


Wow, thanks. It wasn't expensive at all. In fact, it is quite reasonable. Initially, I thought customized work would be expensive and the charge would be per letter. I am very pleased with your service. Thanks again.
(mm's response:Thanks for the nice words, have a good one, its always been my policy to spread the development charge out over prospective customers... this way the $$ burden is not all on the first person who requests something...)

Testimonial By: CM

Love your website

I love your designs!!!!!!! I just discovered your website last night.
I am in charge of preparing some projects for children to paint for our annual school auction being held the first May.
I am interested in your beautiful Carpenters Stars Crosses, Prairie Crosses, and Cross Squares & Rectangles. I don't know how to go about requesting any free patterns (ed. for clergy and schools) and or ordering your patterns.

Testimonial By: LLL

Love this

I absolutely love this. Thank you so much for doing it. I am looking for a simpler one as well perhaps just one flower.. But I am up for the challenge of this one.. Let me know if you do a single one too! Hugs, SE

Testimonial By: SE

Love your site

I love, love, love your site.

Testimonial By: SE

Great website for patterns

They all downloaded fine. You have a great website for patterns. Thanks for your quick action.

Testimonial By: HB

Great website

They all downloaded fine. You have a great website for patterns. Thanks for your quick action.

Testimonial By: HB

Recommend on facebook

Snowed today. Really beautiful. Now on to spring I hope. Still recommending your site on Facebook. I think your patterns deserve more recognition and use then they are getting.

Testimonial By: CB

Wonderful service

Hi Marian
Thank you so much for the wonder service. The pattern was great. It will be for my husband's doctor. Looking forward to getting more patterns from your company.

Testimonial By: CK

Boat and sun stained glass pattern

Thanks for the greatest site, I just found it and since I am a beginner somewhat could use color chart or pic, Thanks again and have a great day!

Testimonial By: EC

Custom patterns

You have done several patterns for friends of mine. They all love them. I love working with you. Thanks so much.

Testimonial By: KC


The snow flake is so beautiful, not cartoonish like others. Lovely.

Testimonial By: Connie Buford

Dog - Lab Pattern

Thank you so much for the super fast service! A great pattern site that I always check first when I am looking for something specific.

Testimonial By: Patricia Nasella


HOW DO I KNOW HOW BIG THE PATTERNS ARE? (ed. the typically come printable on letter paper)

Testimonial By: SG

Like it better Like it better

Thanks, I think I am good. Wish I had found this two weeks ago. I like it better than the one I did. Oh well!

Testimonial By: RB

Thanks Thanks

Many thanks for the extra sizes. I love your site.

Testimonial By: KM

Awesome Patterns

I have been using this site for a year now and the patterns Marian has createdare great!!

Testimonial By: Kathleen Chandler

Pattern Treasures

I placed a custom order last evening, and received the pattern early this morning. The pattern turned out exactly as expected and also included color suggestions. How helpful, especially those new to stained glass. I will be a repeat customer and hope you will be too.

Testimonial By: Theresa Bengel


Hi Marian,
Thanks for such prompt service cause I can't wait to get started on it. Thanks for the monthly newsletter - it keeps me motivated to try new patterns. Thanks again and take care.
DP Mon July 16 2012

Testimonial By: DP

Cross stitch pattern

(counted cross stitch for Stations of the Cross)
Thank you so much. I was able to download them without any problems. They are beautiful. I love the colors. Can' t wait to make them. Our church is currently using some primitive drawings made by children many years ago. They will be so happy to get these when they are all finished and framed. I will send pictures and also remind you to finish the remainder of the stations. Thanks again .

Testimonial By: CKM

Extra effort

Yes,all that you sent me, except the one you said you had at home the super simple cross. Thank you very much for your rapid response. I know I will be ordering again, you have great patterns.(on the GospelGlass website)
God Bless Tue Aug 28 2012

Testimonial By: LN

Great patterns

Yes,all that you sent me, except the one you said you had at home the super simple cross. Thank you very much for your rapid response. I know I will be ordering again, you have great patterns. MR Wed Sept 5 2012

Testimonial By: MR


I just took the time to look around you website. Wow:-) you have so many great patterns. I will be telling my glass working, quilting and stitching friends to check it out! Just wanted to let you know that it might be a day or two before I can pay and get my pattern. I had to reactivate my PayPal account as I had not used it in a couple of years.
Thanks, NJ Sun Sep 23 2012

Testimonial By: NJ

I love your web site

Just got home from Church. Thank you for the downloads.
I'm making a wall hanging for our new fellowship hall.
Thank you, NT,
P.S. I love your web site hope it is up and running smoothly real soon.

Testimonial By: NT

Love them

thank so much! love them.
Sat Oct 13 2012

Testimonial By: MW

Beautiful designs

Oh no problem Marian,
I was just unfamiliar with the process and was curious as to how it worked. The pattern is lovely and I have a great niece due to arrive an hour now and thought it would be a wonderful addition to her nursery! Thanks so much for you quick reply and I'm sure that I will be ordering again in the future.
You have a lot of beautiful designs!
Thanks again, Fru Ict 19m 2012

Testimonial By: KH

I'll be back

Just wanted to say thank you for the colored versions, very helpful. I love your site and I am sure I will be back. Tue Oct 12 2012

Testimonial By: JW

Thank you

Hello I just would like to thank you for sending me the lovely pattern of the beautiful peacock, it is truly ovely.
I have managed to enlarge it and fingers are crossed I am about to do it justice, once it is completed I will send photo.Many thanks again for all your help and support I am really grateful. Take care and God Bless xxxx Thu Nov 1 2012 7:09:29 CDT

Testimonial By: MB

Gift Certificates and Coupons

Much appreciated and it was my pleasure to help you though this (trying to get gift certificates and coupons working, ed). Nancy will laugh so much when I tell her about my experience and I will speak of your site if anyone comes to me asking about patterns!
All the best in 2013.
RS email sent Tue, Jan 8, 2013

Testimonial By: RS

I really like some of your patterns I really like some of your patterns

Hi, I just found your web site. I ordered some patterns of letters so I could make a stained glass window to donate to an auction. The auction is for L'Arche, an organization that provides wonderful homes for mentally disabled people. The theme for their auction this year is ALOHA, and I thought your "Ornamental Alphabet" letters would be perfect to spell out the word. I hope I have your permission to use your patterns for this auction. I really like some of your patterns and hope I have more opportunities to use them. Thanks. P.S. I also took the free pattern for Marian, since that is my sister's name, too!

Testimonial By: DM

I am 78 and 20 years ago I did so many of these but these will n

these will be enjoyable to do once again, can not wait to get the patterns

Testimonial By: Robert O'Brien

Nursery stained glass Nursery stained glass

Customized lamp pattern

Testimonial By: RLB

Love the patterns on your site

Got it, thanks!! I love the patterns on your site. Just discovered it last night in my never-ending search for good glass patterns. I'll be back!

Testimonial By: ST

For grandkids rooms

Thank you for your generosity sharing these patterns. The film frame is clever and the pattern design priceless. his will be a great addition to our grand kids rooms.

Testimonial By: KvC

Thanks Thanks

when my wife had her "surgery" (ed), she was presented with a quilt from a survivor, when she had her first chemo,she was presented with a statue that was from a woman who wanted to support someone starting chemo. It touched my wife deeply. So I have decided to pay it forward. I do not have a lot of resources to do this but I'll figure it out.

When I was first diagnosed with Heart Disease I took u stained glass as a therapy. It helped me greatly' I made a lot of pieces but over the past few years, I drifted away from it. But now I want to get back to it and help pay it forward. You are helping me do that Thank You.

Testimonial By: Dave

Compare picture with pattern carefully! Compare picture with pattern carefully!

I purchased the medeival pattern for anneal. It was beautiful but during fabrication I realized there was an error in the pattern and it was not identical to the finished product picture. I had to recut glass to make the final product symmetrical.

REPLY: Thanks for the testimonial, but I am not sure what happened unless it was a printing issue (if you had it printed at a print shop they may have stretched the pattern one way or another... but the pattern I sent I just checked ant it matches the color perfectly. I am of course sorry for the issue you experienced but feel that it happened during the printing process. Thanks, and if you feel I own you something, just ask for a freebie stained glass pattern and i will send one, Have a great day, m

PER several emails,and a picture JM showed me where the error was and I corrected it... and appreciated the information.

Testimonial By: Jean McLeod

it's beautiful

Thanks, that's what I thought but wanted to make sure, that is a great price and I'm so excited about this (stained glass) pattern, it's beautiful and makes great gifts.

Testimonial By: HP



Testimonial By: LF

Marian - you are a star!

Marian - you are a star! > > Thank you so very much. I took your pattern (using the first of the > options you gave me) to be enlarged yesterday at a photocopy shop and > it looks fabulous! I'll send you a photo once I've finished all the > glasswork, which I'm aiming to have done for mid August. > > Thanks again for your kindness. > > Best wishes > >

Testimonial By: J



Testimonial By: LF

Thanks again..

Thanks again for the beautiful work you do and share with others.

God bless,

Testimonial By: Linda

Marian, Thank you..

Thank you, I just printed them out. It is possible I missed the download the first time as I was expecting snail mail. My church quilting group wanted to create something in memory of one our members who passed on. Your website is an inspiration.

Testimonial By: MP

Love tennis Love tennis

My (M) has played just about 3 times a week all this year. Made the LOVE with the tennis ball in the middle for the Tennis groups annual luncheon to be used as a door prize. The committee loved it and may do a silent auction instead. Hope to make this design for M's bday 5/21. God bless

Testimonial By: FW

So glad i found your site

Hi Marian, Best $5 I ever spent, so glad I found your website. D.

Testimonial By: DD

You REALLY do nice work

absolutely beautiful M. Let's go with this ... add some color and I will then take to Kinko's to print the actual size. You REALLY do nice work.

Testimonial By: CK

I love so many of your patterns

Thank you for getting the pattern to me. I love so many of your patterns and will be back.

Testimonial By: AM

What a terrific idea

Hi Marian – thanks for sending the pattern. FYI – I’ll be using it for quilting instead of stained glass. What a terrific idea; I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before! And I’ll be sure to check out the other photos. I had great fun scrolling through your website yesterday. Good work!

Testimonial By: CH

Thanks so much for everything

Thank you so much Marian. These are work in great. My boss did want to see if we could get a hold of the wisemen that would be really cool. Let me know what you can do. Thanks so much for everything. PS the pdf file worked fine.

Testimonial By: JP

I wish you and your business many blessings

You are VERY, VERY kind and I've enjoyed "working" with you. I wish you and your business many blessings. When I look at your stained glass pieces I get all excited about having them converted to cross stitch. I will stay in touch and when I have about $10 worth, I'll make a payment. Just curious...where are you located? I live in VA, although I'm originally from NY.

Testimonial By: SL


Beautiful! I love it. Can't tell you how much I appreciate this. How much do I owe you? And where do I send the check?

Testimonial By: CB

Thank you!

Thank you! They are lovely and that was very fast!

Testimonial By: JH

What a gift you have in designing these patterns

Signed up on your web site Thanks. Would like to order "This is the Day the Lord has made var2 and Love Tennis. My wife M. loves to play tennis. We retired to the mountains of Western NC. and stay active ....... Prison Ministry. Took up stained glass as a hobby and use the patterns for gifts to friends and those in need of encouragement. God Bless and Have a Christ filled Christmas. ps. What a gift you have in designing these patterns.

Testimonial By: FW

I feel truly blessed!

Marian, First, thanks for all your hard work! Ok just some small things. It's only actually the second "i" character in philia that has an accent. After looking at it again, it might be best to omit it completely. Also, I agree with you that the three fit well together, but I also like the boxier agape that you sent before. The only problem is that the final character is an omega and not the "n" looking character. I'd like to purchase that design as well (with the correct spelling) and make it a separate piece that can go maybe in the bedroom or dining area...and also as a fail-safe in case making all three pieces presents more challenges than intended. Thank you for sending the payment information, I was wondering how that worked. Never in my life have I had someone work so hard for me for $8. I feel truly blessed!

Testimonial By: MS

It looks lovely on your site, but when you see it 'in the flesh'

Thanks, Marian. I've opened up the pattern successfully. I'll be sure to let you have a photo of what I do with it, and I'll read the newsletters. Thank you so much for this. It looks lovely on your site, but when you see it 'in the flesh' it is absolutely stunning. Thank you very much.

Testimonial By: JP

I was totally surprised and pleased when I saw your design

Dear Marian, I see why you are a successful pattern person. I was totally surprised and pleased when I saw your design. I am having my son and daughter-in-law approve it and will order it as soon as I hear from them. Thanks so much

Testimonial By: AB

Thank you so much

Good morning....I chose the second pattern that you made. I already ordered it and paid with PayPal. Thank you so much and know that I'll be back. Your site is the easiest to use ! Have a great day !!

Testimonial By: R

Plan to order from home

Hi there, i enjoy your site very much. I'm new to making window clings, love the kitchen door panel, with three leaves. Plan to order from home.

Testimonial By: PM

I will be ordering from you in the futur

Thanks! I just happen to stumble across your web and I will be ordering from you in the future!

Testimonial By: D

your patterns are so fab

Oh you must keep going, your patterns are so fab. xx

Testimonial By: SG

more than we could have hoped for

The stained glass tennis racket and ball was more than we could have hoped for.

Testimonial By: JD

Thanks so much.

Marian, I have grandchildren (twins) named Connor and Elizabeth. I'd like to purchase the "C" Africa alphabet pattern, but would also like an "E." You indicated that you could knock one out if requested. Please let me know if you can supply an "E" in the African pattern - and when you might have it completed. Thanks so much. I really enjoy your newsletters and your Web site.

Testimonial By: DG

God Bless!

Believe it or not I don't do stained glass even though I adore it. I > was wondering if it's possible to convert your glass patterns into > needlework patterns - i.e., needlepoint, bargello embroidery etc..... > > I am determined to find a way to do this for your patterns are just > wonderful! > > God Bless!


Thanks for the kind comments... I have figured out a way to quickly make these them into cross stitch patterns. I have a method for needlepoint also... but I am still experimenting with it.... send me a specific pattern request and lets see if it works. I have done it for two people so far, but they have not sent me comments. Basically I use a light weight clear transfer film to print the pattern on in reverse, then press it onto the needlepoint fabric using a heat transfer press. This isn't too different from hand painting them.... it leaves a very thin film which is easily penetrated by a needle and floss. I don't do much needle work, but there is one woman who uses something called Transgraph X for her cross stitch use of my patterns. I send them to her as pdf files (much the same as I do for stained glass). The only difference is that she tells me what the final size she wants the pattern to be so she doesn't have to enlarge or shrink it. As far as the other techniques, I don't really know what bargello is... so I don't know how to answer that question. I should go "google" it.
As for embroidery.... one could also do an online query about that.... I would guess there are some transfer papers made expressly for printing embroidery patterns and then ironing these printed patterns onto fabric. Let me know if you want to try something. I am always game for a new technique. best, mm

Testimonial By: RBS

I enjoy your newsletters

Hi Marian, I am a little confused as to how to use your coupons that are attached to your newsletters (which I really enjoy ---- thanks).


Its easy. Just find a product that you like, write a product review on either website, gospelglass or PDQpatterns and then I will send the email. Pretty good , eh... if you have trouble figuring out how to write a review... just ask, and thanks for the nice comments on the newsletter....I will post your question in case others are confused too... best, mm

Testimonial By: SP


Even if it is too late to get the free design for the review I have to tell you this design is AWESOME. I showed it to my stained glass buddy and she who is dead set on not having anything that may not let all the light come in; ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS DESIGN. It is definitely on my to do list. Even if I have to just hang it from the ceiling w/o a window...hehe.

Testimonial By: JT

Absolutely wonderful!

Marian. Absolutely wonderful! Is it easy enough to put her into a circle or oval background like you mentioned? If you don't mind, and it isn't too much trouble, I would love to see it like that. Thank you so much - you are wonderful! I will be back and I will spread the word on what a wonderful site you have and the wonderful things you do.

Testimonial By: TH

all of them are very beautiful

I am interested in your hebrew patterns. Particularly the dreidel patterns, but all of them are very beautiful. How much would it cost to have those patterns made for cross stitch? Thank you

Testimonial By: DS

Firs visit

Thank you. Now I'm going to order the pattern I first wanted. Lol. First time to your site. Enjoyed it.

Testimonial By: SS

I *love* your Ornamental Letters patterns

Hello Marian, I *love* your Ornamental Letters patterns, and have sent you a message through the website inquiring about a custom design (I'm a newbie taking my second glass class, and need a simplified version). Sure appreciate the custom patterns option! Looking forward to hearing more from you

Testimonial By: LC

I always find what I want

Marian, I can't stay away from your site. I always find what I want. Thanks.

Testimonial By: CB

I am so thrilled with it

Marian, I have ordered it. I am so thrilled with it. Thanks so very much. I just can't believe it was only $2.00. I would have paid much more for it. I will certainly order from your site again. Will you be having patterns for ornaments on the tree. Thanks again. Sue I will send you a copy when I'm done. My grandson wants the car in yellow even though I like the red. I'm sure it will look good in yellow also.

Testimonial By: SK

I love it!

Thank you, Marian. The patterns downloaded just fine. I'll be able to start on it today. This is so convenient! I love it! Have a great day.

Testimonial By: JA

I love your patterns

Hi - I love your patterns. Many are simple enough for beginners but still are beautiful Cant wait to have more time to do more of them. I would love to see more patterns that are wine and grape related. So many people are into this theme and would like to have more variety of patterns to choose from as I am finding they are difficult to find.. Thanks and have a great day..

Testimonial By: DN

I love your site

Hi, I love your site and might want to purchase one of your lovely patterns. I'm new to this and am wondering how I'd get the pattern to be the size I need?? Thanks much.


Thanks for the kind words. To get a pattern made to a custom size, just purchase the pattern normally, BUT in the comment line, tell me the exact dimensions that you desire. Then when I send the black and white pdf file by email, it will be the size you want. best, mm

Testimonial By: JR

i love your work!!!!

i love your work!!!!

Testimonial By: PK

I tell everyone I can about your site

Marian. Of course, you can post my nice words on your testimonial page! I tell everyone I can about your site. Don't know why more people haven't found it on their own.

Testimonial By: CB

I will be visiting your web site often

I am very happy with the patterns, service and thank you for the extra patterns. I have a new list of patterns that I will be ordering. And the price is very good too. I am buying the patterns to do stained glass fabric wall hangings, place mats, table runners and the like. Your patterns are perfect for this. So I will be visiting your web site often. Thanks again for the wonderful patterns and good prices. Sincerely

Testimonial By: JM

I'm really excited

I'm really excited about trying these patterns...thank you for making it easily accessible and mostly for your kindness.

Testimonial By: SH

I'm so excited!

I browsed your ENTIRE website today!!! I love it! I do counted cross stitch and wrote down almost 50 designs to have you send me. I am interested in ordering CD's of the designs with whatever hints for making them up in cross stitch that you can provide, such as dmc colors etc if you have that info. Even if you don't, I'll match them myself. I'm so excited! I wonder if you have ever seen a copy of a stained glass design called "Cathedral Rose". It is available as a crochet afghan, but I want to do it in cross stitch (0f course!). Any suggestions? Keep up the great website!!

Testimonial By: Dr. LC

It was perfect

This is the transum window over our front door I made from a pattern I found on PDQ. Marian customized the house numbers for us. It was perfect. I took this from inside, its too cold to go outside to take pictures today :) You get the idea. Many more pictures to come in a week or so from projects from Marian's patterns. They are the easiest to use that I have found online, and she is always willing to customize for me. I love her site, can you tell?? :)

Testimonial By: RB

Marian, Fantastic!

Marian, Fantastic! Better than I even imagined. Thank you so much. Going shopping now.

Testimonial By: SC

PDQ Patterns a wonderful stained glass pattern source

I have found PDQ Patterns a wonderful stained glass pattern source in so many ways: fun and doable patterns, always something new and exciting, great for my students of every level, something for everyone, diversity of subjects, free patterns, great prices. I check this site 2 or three times a week and look forward to the newsletter.

Testimonial By: CB


Perfect! Thank you! You are always my first choice when I need something specific that I can't design myself.

Testimonial By: AC

Perfect, thank you Marian

Perfect, thank you Marian, I will send you pictures of the glass when I install it in mom’s bathroom window. Best regards, .......
Thank you Marian, I will take the candidate stained glass to church this Sunday and start socializing them with the congregation. It will probably take several weeks before they reach a consensus. Thank you for the offer. I will keep you posted.

Testimonial By: DL

really like what you are doing

Please add me to your newsletters list. I have looked at a number of them already and really like what you are doing. Thank you very much.

Testimonial By: CR

Rose window cross stitch

Hi, thank you so much for your quick reply. You are very talented, it must be so satisfying doing your art.

I´m doing this on black 28 ct Jobelan, which is cotton so I think I will pick the brightest colours for this.
I just have to buy one skein each of all the colours that are suggested in the pattern to compare them and then decide from that. I´ll keep you updated how it goes. ;)
Good luck on your massive Mosaic project, I would love to see some photos.

Thank you again and all the best

Testimonial By: AP

Thank you for your offer to work with us

Hello Marian; Thank you for your prompt reply to my query. I have had a quick look at the designs you have sent. Wonderful! I look forward to looking more closely at them over the next few days and pulling some ideas together. Thank you for your offer to work with us. We will reply with some of our ideas. We are very excited about this project. Blessings;

Testimonial By: RL

Thank you so much for the color version

Well Hi there Marian (MM like the candy!) ...Thank you so much for the color version! I really like the fact that the colors vary, just like the me a much better idea of how to go about the hair. I absolutely love the patterns you have available and I will be sure to order more in the future. And this email method is just so easy! Take care and I hope to chat again!

Testimonial By: SH

Thank you so much, Marian

Hi Marian. I was having a discussion with a young friend of mine yesterday... encouraging her to look into some glass work. She was very impressed by some of my projects, so I got onto your site to show her your pictures. You've got the new one up there!!!!!! Thank you so much, Marian. I love all of the help and guidance that you provide, AND I love that you help me to display these things to my people. (family, friends, etc.) Thank you, thank you. Have a wonderful day, Marian.

Testimonial By: RL

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

God Bless you. Wow 2 of them. You are just too sweet. Thank you so much!!!!!!! I will be buying more in the near future.

Testimonial By: L

Thank you thank you

Oh, Marian, this is BEAUTIFUL! I love it!!! I am so
appreciative of the time you spent on this, especially the
effort involved as well as the super quick turn
around ...It looks beautiful on your new website (which I really like, too!). I will be sharing your website with my glass friends--we are all amateurs, but we do love glass...
Excellent customer are a gem! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Testimonial By: AH


Thanks! Great service!

Testimonial By: TB

the patterns on your site are fantastic

Hello Marian, I just received my patterns this morning, thank you so much for doing it this way, I am new to the computer world and I don't own a printer yet.the patterns on your site are fantastic and I am so glad I literally stumbled across it while playing on the computer. I have been doing stained glass for about a year now and I'm just loving it I am going to take the name of your site and put it up in the glass shop where I took the course, if you don't mind,once again, thank you so very much for being so accommodating. I just gave my husband a check to mail for the amount. regards

Testimonial By: P

this looks lovely

Hi Marian.... this looks lovely, I am so happy that I found your site. Your quick response and helpful attitude is invaluable to people like me who can't draw, you have a talent that I would love to have and I thank you very much, I will send your payment via paypal, please advise me of cost. I look forward to working with you in the future. Kindest regards....

Testimonial By: JC

very original and different

Hi, this is the first time that I order patterns from you. I am very excited about it. I have viewed your patterns and find them very original and different.

Testimonial By: LJ

You are amazing

Hello again : ) I loved the first pinecone pattern, just went and bought it and several others. You are amazing ! Thank you ! Paid with PayPal of course, but I forgot, are those all for download or ? Let me know ...have a great day !!

Testimonial By: RB

You are brilliant

Hi Marian I've just downloaded your pfd with CH and that was fantastic - just what I wanted. You are brilliant. Many thanks Regards

Testimonial By: JH

You have a wonderful web-site

Hi Marian, Yes, I received your patterns successfully and am anxious to try one of them. I am currently working on your sunflower pattern and once I have completed it I will send you a photo. You have a wonderful web-site ---- I love going through all of the designs. Have you created all of them?


THANKS SS, yes they are mine, except for the ready made window clings which belong to mm

Testimonial By: SS

you have the best patterns on the internet

I opened them - thanks, Marian. I have bought from you before and I still say you have the best patterns on the internet. I am almost done with a 405 piece glass panel. Your Chinese peace pattern will be next and considerably easier! Thanks also for the freebie.

Testimonial By: SS

You keep me inspired

Marian, I love this pattern. You keep me inspired.

Testimonial By: CB

Your patterns are lovely

Hi, Your patterns are lovely. Thanks for sending...

Testimonial By: RK