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Collage all those memories from the past into this great yearly celebration piece.  This is actually a picture of something my mother did decades ago (she didn't actually create this, as memory serves, but paid a gentleman to do it). Story goes that a little restaurant (famed to Eagle Rock High School students as Ernie Jr's Taco House (yep this is southern california -- Los Angeles California to be precise) began hanging artwork from a local individual whose name I cannot remember.  These were creations of lighted christmas tree pictures made from junk jewelry.  An individual would bring in their old costume jewelry (full of memories - both good and tragic) and hand them to this man and he would create a "lighted christmas tree master piece" for them.  This was (is) a great idea, and my mother purchased one such from him which holds the jewelry (albeit really cheap and some of it the makings of three teen and pre-teen sisters)(LOL).. note the pathetic pin in the center of the tree with little opals, which i think 'YOURS TRULY' actually might have made).  These opals had something to do with my paternal grandmother - Matilda Jane Jewell (as memory serves... and her liking of opals for some reason).  But in retrospect I thank my mother for this offering, which hung in my daughters house, but then was abandoned... and is now in my house (without the lights, because the cord hanging from the picture bothered me).  Call for a price, hand me your jewelry, and I will create you a dimensional collage... either a christmas tree, or round mandala, for you to frame. 

The fabric behind the picture will be from an item of clothing of your loved one, and it will be mounded on "foam core board" which is light weight but sturdy.  Items will be carefully arranged and glued on, but lighting is considerably more time consuming to provide, so is priced separately.

Shipping will be included in the quote.

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