custom stained glass patterns
Disney Customer's Gallery
Patterns from disney characters made from our free pattern designed for great disney people. I wish I could get a license for these popular designs. Kevin Baum sent me this picture of his rendition of the Mickey and Minnie pattern. Awesome, totally awesome.
stained glass panel minnie mouse oval
Farrel_Brizendine did a spectacular job on minnie mouse oval.
stained glass panel kevin baum
Robert Dickey made this wonderful rendition of the Mickey and Minnie pattern.
robert dickey stained glass mickey and minnie mouse
Made by Dana Smith using a wonderful technique to give a 3-D look to Minnies eyelashes. Wish I had thought of that. Great soldering job.
Made by Jan Cooke using lead came, giving it a totally clean and tidy look, GREAT JOB and wonderful colors.
Made by MOI for a special someone who has worked at Disneyland for many many years and part of the original character cast.
mickey minnie mouse stained glass panel
Donald Duck made by Carol Boyette for family.
carol boyettes donald duck stained glass panel
ted_shields_donald_duck Ted Shields has made this really terrific panel for his grandson. Sassy and bright. His Donald Duck isjust great. Makes me want to go to Disneyland. I can't wait to see his renditions of Donald and Daisy, Mickey and Minnie, and Elliot, Pete's Dragon. I think he must like Disney!!! (LOL) do I.
Another great DISNEY DUCK from Ted Shields. He created his own pattern for Uncle Scrooge, and its available for free HERE, thanks to him. uncle scrooge by ted shields
Elliot, Pete's dragon made for a friend who works at Disneyland by MOI (LOL) This poor baby went through the ringer during shipping by FedEx 22 pieces of stained glass were broken. Thank goodness I declared a value. But a great team of pstained glass repairmen in Eagle Rock, California did a great job of fixing him up. Thank you . This photo was send to me by the repair persons.
petes dragon stained glass panel
Elliot, Pete's dragon framed and lighted from behind. For a link to the freebie pattern click HERE.
donald duck oval joan buckholz
Joan Buckholz did a great job on sly old dolald duck here.